Is most interested in original, creator-owned graphic novels, though other projects will be considered.


1. A COVER LETTER that summarizes your project. Include the hook, your intended audience and why you think your project will sell. List comparable titles that have been released over the last five year and explain what sets your project apart from the rest. Include the names of all creators involved, who to contact, and that person’s email. Submissions are responded to via e-mail only.

2. A SYNOPSIS of the overall story. Please keep this as succinct as possible and DO include major plot points and spoilers

3. DIGITAL FILES of fully inked and lettered story pages. Please include a minimum of FIVE (5) interior pages. These don’t have to be the first five pages. They should best represent what the overall project will look like. More pages are encouraged if you have them, but please do not exced 24 on this initial submission. Not all of the additional pages have to be lettered. If you intend for this project to be in color, it would helpful to send color examples, but it’s not required.

4. A COVER. This may be a mock cover for the time being. A logo would be helpful, but is not required.

5. EMAIL proposal or Dropbox link to submissions@AWBW.com.


If you do not receive a reply within one month of submitting, consider your proposal declined.

We are a publisher. A Wave Blue World will not own your property or any of your multi-media rights. Regardless of acceptance, your property is yours.

If you do not send your proposal to our exact specifications above, it will be automatically declined.

While we publish all kinds of work, A Wave Blue World’s terms are non-negotiable and we deal directly with creators. While we recommend having an agent or lawyer look over our terms, we do not want either contacting us on your behalf.