Tower Bundle


Includes issues 1 – 5 of TOWER

Written by Camrus Johnson & Kelsey Barnhart
Art by ChrisCross & Loyiso Mkize
Colors by Andrew Dalhouse
Letters by Deron Bennett & Bernardo Brice

Real-life contestants battle it out in a video game-style competition to reach the top of the Tower!

Casandra, Kimi, and Mac are thrust into a brutal (and seemingly virtual) world where danger lies in wait around every corner. With no time to solve the mystery of where they are or why they’re here, they’ll have to toughen up and join forces if they intend to survive, using their individualized weapons and animal assistants to outsmart deadly traps and rival teams. But loyalties will be tested and alliances frayed as the pressure ratchets up, and a rogue presence enters the game, hunting down contestants one-by-one!