Holiday Special: Literary Bundle


Includes Embodied, Phantom of the Opera, and From Hell’s Heart

From Hell’s Heart
Edited by John Arcudi, Cover by Velibor Stanojevic

John Arcudi curates a magnificent collection of over fifty illustrations inspired by the works of Herman Melville. Fifty-seven world renowned artists have come together with gorgeous, brand new illustrations for Moby-DickBartlebyThe Confidence ManPierreTypeeBilly BuddWhite Jacket, and much more. A short passage of text will accompany each illustration, giving context to the story. Each piece of art is brand new for this collection from artists known for their work in comics as well as illustration, ranging from US artist to abroad.

Phantom of the Opera
Art, Cover and Written by Varga Tomi

The iconic gothic romance gets a fresh retelling as a graphic novel adaptation of this literary classic. The Phantom who lives beneath the opera house falls in love with Christine Daaé, a gifted young opera singer, and hopes to win her with an evil plot to make her a star. For Christine, this would mean giving up her chance for true love. Does she choose her newfound success or her beloved Count Raoul?

Embodied: An Intersectional Feminist Comics Poetry Anthology
Edited by Wendy and Tyler Chin-Tanner

Poems by: Kenzie Allen, Ruth Awad, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Kayleb Rae Candrilli, Wendy Chin-Tanner, Kendra DeColo, Shira Dentz, Carolina Ebeid, Jenn Givhan, Caroline Hagood, Laura Hinton, JP Howard, Omotara James, Virginia Konchan, Miller Oberman, Khadijah Queen, Maggie Smith, Diane Suess, Sokunthary Svay, Venus Thrash, Paul Tran, Vanessa Villarreal, Khaty Xiong.

Art by: Weshoyot Alvitre, Lesley Atlansky, Ned Barnett, Morgan Beem, Carola Borelli, Rio Burton, Mia Casesa, Gab Contreras, Marika Cresta, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Ronnie Garcia, Jen Hickman, Liana Kangas, Miss Lasko-Gross, Soo Lee, Jessica Lynn, Takeia Marie, Hazel Newlevant, Emily Pearson, Kaylee Rowena, Y. Sanders, Ayşegül Sınav, Stelladia, Jude Vignants, Ashley A. Woods, Sara Wooley

Letters by Cardinal Rae and Saida Temofonte
Cover by Claudia Ianniciello

Mystical, rooted, painful, joyous, and ecstatic; visions of the body, our genders, and our very identities from across the spectrum of contemporary poetry come together in this monumental intersectional feminist anthology where verse and comics unite in spectacular new ways.

Beautifully illustrated and bracingly written, EMBODIED is a memorable collaboration between cis female, trans, and non-binary poets and comics artists showcasing the power of both forms in a stunningly unique keepsake volume that will be treasured for ages.