Founded in 2005 by Tyler and Wendy Chin-Tanner, A Wave Blue World is an independent publisher of high-quality graphic novels, anthologies, and art books, focusing on socially conscious storytelling and providing a platform for a multitude of creative voices.


Tyler Chin-Tanner


From his early careers in teaching and humanitarian aid work, Tyler Chin-Tanner took the leap into his lifelong passion for comics, attending The Kubert School from 2003 to 2006 and co-founding AWBW with his wife Wendy in 2005. Publishing through AWBW, Tyler writes graphic novels including the New York Times featured American Terrorist and edits anthologies such as the New York Times featured All We Ever Wanted, art books like Punkrock* Jazz, and creator-owned projects including Jack The Radio: Creatures.

Wendy Chin-Tanner


Wendy Chin-Tanner founded AWBW with her husband Tyler in 2005. She is the author of the poetry collections Turn (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2014), which was a finalist for the Oregon Book Awards, and Anyone Will Tell You (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2019), and co-author of the New York Times featured graphic novel American Terrorist. Wendy also serves as a poetry editor at The Nervous Breakdown. A trained sociologist specializing in race, identity, and culture, she continues to write and teach on these topics in addition to running writing workshops and guest lecturing at a variety of institutions. Born and raised in NYC and educated at Cambridge University, UK, Wendy is the mother of two daughters and the proud daughter of immigrants.

Pete Carlsson

Production Designer

Pete Carlsson has over 25 years of experience in the comic book business. He worked side by side with the legendary Joe Kubert for fifteen years at Tell-A-Graphics in Dover, NJ, where he was Senior Art Director, producing PS Magazine for the U.S. Army and handling production for Joe’s projects. Pete has broad experience working on all aspects of comic book production and has wrapped a variety of freelance projects for DC Comics, the Kubert School, Dynamite, Dark Horse and IDW. He lives with his family in Ithaca, NY.

Diana Kou

Director of Marketing

An Art Institutes graduate, Diana Kou grew up a lover of all forms of art. With web, multimedia, and graphic design roots in tow, she further broadened her horizons in content curation and marketing after leading digital for a world-renowned band and public figure, later segueing into the museum scape. A lifelong collector of comic books and lover of pop culture, Diana has ingrained herself in the industry with voice-over work, convention panel moderation, guest host podcasting, and even in-book character cameos.

Jesse Post

Book Publicist

Jesse Post is a publicist, editor, letterer, graphic designer and bookseller with a penchant for beautiful works of art from small presses. He started his career at the Ralph Vicinanza Agency and Boston’s What’s Up Magazine. He edited comics for Disney Adventures and Comic Zone (the two best-selling comics magazines in the country at the time) and managed start-up publishing projects within Disney’s licensing division, including the Muppets relaunch and a critically acclaimed archival series from Fantagraphics. After building marketing departments for Papercutz and Lion Forge, Jesse started Letter Better, a comics-focused publishing consultancy, and Postmark Books, an independent bookstore in New York’s Hudson Valley. The first thing he ever read in his life was a comic, and the rest is history.

Hazel Newlevant

Social Media & Community Manager

Hazel Newlevant is a Ignatz- and Eisner-winning cartoonist and editor. They edited and published the anthologies Chainmail Bikini: The Anthology of Women Gamers and Comics for Choice, and have written and drawn comics including If This Be Sin, Tender-Hearted, Sugar Town, and No Ivy League. They previously worked as an associate editor for Lion Forge, where they co-edited the anthology Puerto Rico Strong and attempted to acquire as many boundary-pushing queer graphic novels as possible.

Megan Marsden

Sales Development Manager

As a small child, Megan Marsden was given books to read and action figures of a certain Amazon warrior and not much has changed since then. While most folks in her college classes focused on sports or television marketing, Megan decided to focus on getting comics in hands of folks from all backgrounds of all ages. From working at her local shop to tenures as a member of both the Diamond Comic Distributors marketing and purchasing teams, Megan is excited to use her special skill set to help more retailers discover A Wave Blue World. As much as Megan loves attending comic conventions as a fan, she has just as much fun in a booth talking to comic readers and helping them find the best book to take home with them.